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Shannelle Norman is a Tax Preparer, Credit Counselor, Business Admin developer, Audit specialist, and Loan specialist.
Mrs. Norman has been servicing the Atlanta and Metro area for 7 plus years.

Plugged In Tax Associates LLC. is a full-service income tax preparation and Credit Repair company that specializes in the preparation of individual and self-employment tax returns. We also have Credit specialists on board trained and experienced to help you build and repair business/personal Credit. Whether it is helping you receive the maximum refund you deserve or help you maximize your credit through our credit restoration services. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, the client.

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We are a team of credit Repair Specialist with love for educating-people about credit. Our staff are very passionate, humble, and inspiring professionals that wants to help you with your tax, credit, and financial needs.



Services We Offer

Credit repair

(Personal and Business)

Tax preparation

(Individual and Business)

Audit assistance and
Business development

Tax Preparation

Credit repair (personal and business)

Tax preparation (individual and business)

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We Can’t Wait to Answer Your Questions!

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